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Do you find the prospect of showing up online daunting?

There’s countless opportunities to talk about you and your business to others but the idea of having to show up in front of lots of people juggling the tech, your message and trying to create a good impression sends you into a state of overwhelm.

You keep being told in order to grow your business and for people to get to know you, you should do a Facebook live, be interviewed in a Facebook group, present at a webinar or be a podcast guest, but the thought of it fills you with absolute dread!

Maybe you have the chance to have an online job interview, which is potentially life changing, but there’s no one to practice with who has an idea of the kind of questions an interviewer might ask or someone who can give you positive feedback prior to the event.

Other people do it and seem to do it REALLY well. Ever watched a Facebook live where the speaker turns up, full of confidence, telling you they thought they’d just “jump on to do a live” and the viewer numbers and engagement goes up and up and up?

How about when you summon up the courage to turn up to an online networking event and though you know your business inside out you just can’t seem to tell others in a way that resonates with them so they get what you do! And how do others seem to speak so well and have other attendees wanting to connect and potentially work with them? 

Ugh! It’s not worth the bother, just because others do it, doesn’t mean you have to… that “online thing” is so overrated… yadda yadda… and surely we’ll return to all the in-person stuff in time as we did prior to 2020? 

And yet….maybe deep down you actually want to show up online and be more visible but you’re going round in circles trying to figure out how and where to start and all the while time is passing by and your peers seem to be nailing it, leaving you lagging far behind. 

Well… that’s where I come in! And it starts with a simple conversation!

If you want to communicate effectively online with clarity, confidence and with a message that resonates with your audience then I’m here to help!

Get To
Know Me.

I’m Jennie Eriksen and my work is all about online communication, confidence and visibility. As someone who has worked for years with small businesses on their messaging and has networked both in person and online for over 15 years, I know how to help you shape your messaging, build rapport, connection and that all important know, like and trust.

Working with my clients who are tired of “winging it”, feeling a failure or showing up with an air of desperation, I cover topics such as:

  • Creating a message that tells people what you do and that makes people want to know more
  • Creating longer messages and presentations
  • Ideas for 1-1 meetings
  • Niching
  • Presentation skills
  • Story telling
  • Interacting and engaging with your audience
  • Vocal confidence to engage your listener
  • Camera confidence
  • Projecting a confident and credible persona
  • Knowing your topic
  • Challenging specific worries
  • Body language
  • Identifying the ideal client
  • Building rapport
  • Nailing who you help, serve and pain points you address


And much more!

Working online there literally is a world of opportunity to connect globally and as for those six degrees of separation? We’re now more connected than ever before and our potential for new clients and connections has never been greater.

How about we schedule a no obligation discovery session to see how I can help you? In just one hour I can give you ideas and strategies that will change your online presence. Click the button below to schedule a call and we’ll have a natter! 

And do remember… it starts with a conversation not a confrontation. You’ll talk, I’ll listen, and we’ll brainstorm with the emphasis on clarity for the way forward.

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