Master Your Messaging

Crank Up Your Confidence.

Call in Your Clients.

Fall In Love With Your Words.

You’ve heard it before. We all have. Create an emotional connection, tell a story, be human. And it’s true. If you want to rise above the noise, you’ve got to do those things.


How do you string sentences together to make an emotional connection?
How do you use your story to incite action?
How do you corral words to be a whole and authentic representation of YOU?
How do you become a magnet for those you want to work with, and invisible to those you don’t?
How indeed…

Introducing Master Your Messaging

A 6 week self-study course that teaches you HOW to communicate your message with clarity and confidence – and the whys behind it all.
You’ll gain the fundamental understanding of crafting compelling copy, and learn the processes behind great writing. Yes, there will be templates, but a template is worthless unless you know the why behind it, and can therefore make it your own.

Darlings, without the why, the how is useless.

Good news is, with Master Your Messaging, you get both.

Master Your Messaging Is For You If…

You’re just starting and you want to build your business faster by nailing your communication, from the beginning.

You want to make a greater impact with fewer words – Hello brevity with a bang!

You know you’re extraordinary, but your writing just doesn’t convey it with oomph.

You’ve been in biz for a while, but just don’t feel like you in your messaging and aren’t translating the benefits of what you can do for your clients as well as you could.

You struggle to stand out in the sea of similarity.

You feel icky about marketing and want to market your business in a natural way that feels good.

You crave more confidence and clarity in your writing.

You learn best through examples and templates.

You want to bring more of you (your personality, your uniqueness, your je ne sais quoi) into your communication because you know when you do, business will boom.

The story you tell

is far more important

than the service you sell.

Hi I’m Ash. Messaging Mentor and Story Slinger

I’ve built my business using only my words, my wits, and a natural marketing style that has people wanting to work with me. I’ve helped my clients see 5-figure and multiple 5-figure months in their businesses by working in the same way. My quick, candid, and perceptive approach pulls out messaging that comes from you and puts a shine on it that cannot be ignored. I teach you how to build kickass communication from your wants, your preferences, your style, YOU. It works because you are exactly who your clients want to work with.

The Deets!


Clarify Your Message, Get Cozy With Your Voice

You’ll learn…

  • What to do before you put pen to paper
  • The importance of natural marketing & how to do it
  • Where to find your voice (it’s not lost)
  • The fundamentals of great writing


 –“It’s like therapy for your words. It’s so amazing to find the words that I had been searching for!”


About Pages, Taglines, and Home Pages

(aka the important shiz that you must do well)

You’ll Learn…

  • How to structure your about page
  • The purpose of the home page & how to write it
  • How to craft a killer tagline that resonates with you and your peeps

– “Not only do you suggest insightful and laser-perfect taglines and titles, but you are also the most genuine and supportive spirit.”


The Art of Blog, The Nuance of Newsletter, & Nailing your Headlines

You’ll learn…

  • Why we bother with blogs and newsletters (it’s not what you think)
  • How to structure different kinds of blogs, and when to use which
  • How to write emails that sell(aka your newsletters)
  • How to craft headlines & subjects that keep people reading


– “My words are clearer. Re-framed. More precise. Thank you Ash.”


Secrets of Successful Sales pages

You’ll Learn…

  • ALL about sales pages – this week is my Ultimate Guide to Writing Your First 5-Figure Sales Page on steroids (that guide alone sells for $149, and I’m souping it up specifically for this program)
  • What makes a great sales page, and what kills the close
  • Short vs Long form sales pages – what they’re good for and how to structure them

– “I’ve seen a lot of sales training over the years, and your work is VERY refreshingly different.”


Lead Magnets and Free Stuff

You’ll learn…

  • The psychology (yours and your audience’s) behind free stuff
  • What kind of lead magnet to choose (there are so many)
  • How to structure them & what to include


– “The free resource strategy  is so in line with my business and brand that I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”


Launch It!

You’ll Learn…

  • All the copy you’ll need to write to launch & market your product/service/program or freebie.
  • The inner work of launching and how not to lose your marbles


– “Without you, I never would have been able to launch my program.”

You’ll receive access to all modules right away, so you can dive in exactly where you need to be. However, you’ll also receive an email once a week, prompting you to engage with the next module.

With every lesson you receive a gorgeous guidebook that includes templates and examples to work from, and a video recording of the lesson taught by moi. 

Investment – $147


You will be a clearer, more confident, more compelling writer when we’re done.

And you’ll understand the processes so that you can rinse and repeat, getting better every time.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Master Your Messaging turned the way I approach writing on its head! Ash took us through heaps of content, giving valuable examples and constructive critique every step of the way. The workbooks are a life-saver, dog-eared already; I will be referring to them again and again. After struggling for ages to get a tag line that felt good to me; Ash and the other ladies in the group helped me to nail it. I now have a clear message and my about me page even gives me the tingles! Gone is the boring standard stuff that had no depth or feeling. I’m out and proud! Thanks Ash for teaching me the art of a good edit you truly are writing and teaching Ninja! Susan Francis

  The MYM course is a resource I turn to often – and you are very close in my heart with great appreciation for your guidance. I wanted to let you know how beautifully your work has influenced my newest creation of services – which I have spent 9 months building and just released on Tuesday.  I deeply appreciate the information about how to use more descriptives that have heart juice, color etc to make a point. I love having the templates!!!! I appreciate your spirit, intelligence, zest and vivacity. Gabriella Taylor

Grrreat calls, thank you so much Ashley! I’m totally adopting the LESS IS MORE principle. I am SO relieved, I haven’t been excited about my newsletter for a LONG time and now I actually AM. It will be so much better, so much simpler and will grow with me as well. I am diving into the headline material, which is worth the investment in the course! I’m really glad I took the course. I learned a lot and you are a great teacher! I feel like I finally am claiming what I want as a result of this class so I thank you big time! Things have really shifted for me, and I feel that implementation of this material will definitely help me get more clear, and be a better writer. I’ve begun that process already, it feels really good. P.S. It’s been FUN too, which is important. Sonja Ramos

It’s been incredible. I knew when I first heard about the programme that it would suit me perfectly and it absolutely has. Thank you for making it possible for me to join in! Laura Roberts

I listened to the call today. Love love loved it Ashley! There is a wealth of information from each one! I can’t wait to sit down now and plan my party and my statement. You are a master at transforming mundane words into vibrant, funky, and unique messaging. I spent hours running in circles around my messaging. In literally 30 seconds you came up with the words that breathed new life into my tagline. This is exactly what I needed. Feeling grateful. Jennefer Blostein

I can honestly say, hands down, no holds barre, that in two sessions with you I have gained everything about copywriting that I couldn’t get elsewhere! I KNOW without doubt that when we are finished I will write gorgeous copy that speaks from my heart to the heart of my ideal client and target market. As an added bonus (as if you are not the cat’s Meow) I feel great doing it.  Two weeks ago I quaked in my boots at the idea of writing copy and I am a fairly good writer by nature. You have brought back my hope and my faith in myself that “I CAN DO THIS!” Rala Brubaker

carolinecaine Who knew working with a writing ninja could be so fun! You feel a sense of relief, a sense of feeling complete out there on the world wide web knowing that your words are a whole and authentic representation of what you’re about and that through them you attract your ideal clients. Working with Ash affected how I write everything, my newsletters, my sales copy, heck, even this testimonial!  Thank you Ash! Caroline Cain

Ashley, you have such a creative way of extracting  what you need in order to get a really good “feel” for who they are, and what they are truly all about. You allow us to see ourselves through words in such a beautiful way. Your creative solution to express my services was brilliant.You are “The Word Master”.  Thank you! Judy Price

I finally have a sales page, promotional copy, and website that I’m incredibly proud of, and that gets my message across exactly how I want it to come across, fun, exuberant and joyful. If you’re even remotely thinking about saying yes to working with Ashley I can promise that it will be the best decision you’ll ever make for your biz and your copy. She’s amazeballs! Melissa Frederick

Every time it’s almost call time, I’ve got some fear voices going and it’s hard to remember how easy it is working with you. I’m always relieved as we finish our calls, even as we get into them, really. That sums up how I feel, excited. And relieved. Thank you! Michael Sudbury

Ashley is an absolute genius when it comes to words. She came up with catchy titles, taglines and juicy ideas for everyone in the mastermind within seconds. It was amazing. I personally got a lot of guidance on my messaging and how to turn it from unclear into something that is engaging and speaks to my ideal clients. Ashley’s great ideas and inspiration are absolutely invaluable to everyone who uses words in their business. Christina Sander

Since starting the course, I have come miles in identifying my real audience, letting go of the idea of speaking to every potential client ever, and gaining confidence owning my skills and putting it out there. I’m working behind the scenes on a website overhaul and will launch the new site by December 1st. It’s a lot of work, but I feel fully prepared thanks to the course. It’s been helpful to see other people’s work, good and bad. I’ve been inspired by some great ideas and it’s been a helpful exercise to see some of the work that needs editing. I’ve learned a lot from both. It’s also been helpful to throw my stuff out there to an audience that knows nothing about me and see if it lands. The most transformative thing I’ve learned is to always start with the client and to name where they are coming from. It’s going to change everything I write. I’m launching a series of workshops in early 2015 and my course descriptions are knock-out thanks to this course. Gretchen Hill

I was on a plane yesterday to Las Vegas from the east coast and brought your messaging workbook with me. Your work is powerful and timeless, and I’m excited to use your concepts and verb choices in my brand. I love learning writing tips and trusting the editing process within myself. Thanks for your work! Jane Morba

The workbooks are great and necessary.. Listening and reading Ashley’s feedback to all of us is invaluable. The course has been great and I’m soooo grateful I managed to swing attending. Thank you so much. I really am grateful for the experience and the education. Dee Reller

My favorite part of the course has been the no-nonsense direct instruction on setting up my website, about page, home page, headline etc. I feel I know what I have to do and I’ve been working on my copy! It feels great. Christine Rico

This was such an amazing course with fabulous content!! Thank you Ashley, your course is great and very well organized. Christina Cavalieri D'Oro

Great content. Love you, love what you do! Vanessa Jane

Wow, just read through our guidebook week 1, I am already blown away by the depth of the content! Excited to learn! Julia Laemmerhirt

Finally, a sales guide that works!  I’ve read other sales material before. The others always came across as formulas to follow that ended up crushing the unique life out of my special program and offer. I always wanted to scream. ‘What about my program? It’s not a formula!!!! Ashley offers a refreshing approach to marketing that doesn’t seem like selling. The best decision I made was to combine reading the guide with participating in Ashley’s live sale page call! Finally, I started getting the feeling of a sales page that supported my program, I started understanding the template for overhauling my page from the inside. I got it! I got how to have a sales page serve my mission instead of trying to chase the trend of every other sales page out there. Ron Carlson

Wow! All I can say is THANK YOU Ashley! You are the the woman! I am super stoked about the content we created, you are a genius with the pen.. (computer) and I love how you asked me the perfect questions to get my message out in an articulate and clear way. It was a great experience all around. It felt like I was hanging out with a good friend, no pressure but super effective! Thanks again! Erin Postle

You were AMAZING helping me in outlining 12 editorials…. and then how to direct it all towards The Healer’s Money Mentor and my upcoming webinar and complimentary talk. You rock! You come from so much experience and really understood where I was coming from and going to! You’ve got me totally focused! Love it! Terri Heiman

Ashley is on a mission to rock your words, adding both simplicity and fun to attract the right clientele for you. It’s important to mastermind with the right person when you need to change the lingo of tag lines or any marketing. Ashley has a way with words and I would highly recommend hiring her if you need to spice up how you express your business, getting less wordy with deeper impact. Dana Richardson

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ashley on a few projects now, and it has been awesome to watch her amazing mind at work first hand! Her quick wit makes the process enjoyable, but most importantly she has helped me define a message to my audience that gets results….and that is why I keep coming back! Damon Remy

Oh My Bonuses!

Deep Dive Discovery Workbook + Ideal Client Workbook.

  • This is something (until now) I’ve only given to my 1:1 clients
  • Both workbooks give you an in-depth look into what makes you unique, how you want to show up, and who you want to work with.
  • I highly recommend completing them before you begin!

Recorded Feedback & Editing Sessions

  • Get a peek into my brain and see me review and edit copy on the fly while explaining the why’s behind it

Lifetime Access

  • That’s right, as long as Master Your Messaging is around, you get access to all the tools, templates, trainings, and updates. Booyah!

A Quick Recap

I Know I’ll Receive

  • {6} 90 minutes lessons
  • {6} Bonus Q&A Integration & Live Editing Calls
  • {6} gorgeous guidebooks that include templates and examples to work from (fyi, the Sales Page Guide alone sells for $149).
  • Deep Dive Discovery Workbook + Ideal Client Workbook
  • Lifetime Access & Updates
  • MODULE ONE- Clarify Your Message, Get Cozy With Your Voice
  • MODULE TWO – About pages, Taglines, and Home Pages – aka the important shiz that you must do well
  • MODULE THREE – The Art of Blog, The Nuance of Newsletter, & Nailing your Headlines
  • MODULE FOUR – Secrets of Successful Sales pages
  • MODULE FIVE – Lead Magnets and Free Stuff
  • MODULE SIX – Launch It!

If you were to tally all the time, education, and templates you’re receiving with this program, it’d ring up at a conservatively cool $6000

Your investment is considerably less (97.5% less to be exact)



Investment – $147

Oh the FAQ!

When Are Classes?

All modules are available as soon as you purchase and create your account, but you will receive and email once a week prompting you to begin the next module. Essentially that means, class is when YOU decide it to be.

Will I really be a better writer in 6 weeks?

Yep!  You will because you’ll not only get lots of practice, understand the fundamentals behind it but you’ll also have templates to guide you while you’re gaining experience. Those who have gone through the program said they’re actually enjoying writing instead of dreading it – and I’ve seen what they’re producing, it’s rock solid!

Why your class and not that one over there?

There are tons of copywriting courses out there, and many are very very good. But here’s the thing, if you’re drawn to me and my style of being and you want to not only grasp the fundamentals of writing copy for your business in a super fun and natural way, but also gain a core understanding of how to craft a compelling message, then this IS the course for you. Nobody else could teach this course, because nobody else is me.

Where are the files kept?

We have a full membership area where all your materials will be kept.

What is your refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds on products so shop mindfully.

Investment – $147

You can’t stand out with your know-how, you can only stand out with your story.

Your words are what magnetizes people to you, it’s time you learn how to choose the ones that fit.

By purchasing this course you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.